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Switchmate Develops a Technology That Will Turn Your Dumb Old Incandescent Lights into Smart Ones


Switchmate’s plastic cover snaps over a conventional light switch and adds Bluetooth connectivity to it. Fire up an app on your smartphone, and suddenly you can usher your brainless incandescent bulbs into the modern digital era. All without the purchase of any fancy, expensive, genius LEDs. Switchmate, doesn’t provide all the smartness of a fully kitted out smart LED but it does allow users to turn lights on and off from the sofa or to turn the lights on inside just as they approach home. It also serves as a timer, eliminating the need for those clunky mechanical wall socket gadgets. So if you’re going away and you want to deter the burglars, or if you want to assure that a light greets you in the evening, Switchmate can do that.

REF: EnergyWatch

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