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So, what is DLC 4.0?

Manufacturers were required, as of Sept. 1, to submit all products for a new, more stringent set of efficacy standards, otherwise known as DLC 4.0. With this new standard, the gap between those standard and premium products will be even greater as DLC calls manufacturers to higher lumen-per-watt, or light output per energy consumption, standards. Just as important, products that no longer meet the DLC 4.0 standards will be de-listed on Apr. 1, 2017.
Here is an outline of the changes and how they may affect your lighting:
1. The primary update to DLC was in regards to the efficacy of all DLC-qualified LED products
LED lighting technology has improved immensely over the last five years, and the attention of the manufacturers has turned toward the efficiency of their drivers and their products’ performance. Efficacy, usually expressed in lumens per watt (LPW), is now a leading parameter for what type of rating will be given to a product, whether Standard or Premium. The more efficient the product, the more lumens (measured light output) you will get out of your wattage.
Let’s take a linear LED troffer as an example. Currently for that product to be DLC Premium, it must achieve 110+ LPW. With the revisions in June 2016 and the new products hitting the QPL in January 2017, the new requirement is 125+ LPW. The reasoning behind this change is to differentiate between the mass amount of product that currently qualifies as DLC.
2. Utility companies are going to follow this revision with their incentive programs
One of the reasons these DLC changes should be paid close attention to is that it will affect the amount of utility rebates you will receive. Utilities need to find unique ways to take energy off the grid, and offer rebate programs to commercial businesses for lowering their electrical load.

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