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A Lustworthy Lightbulb? A Lustworthy Lightbulb.

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A LIGHTBULB MIGHT seem like an odd thing to covet, but then, the Plumen 003 LED spotlight is an uncommonly beautiful lightbulb.

The new design by Claire Norcross, Marie Laure Giroux, and the British firm Hulger relies on a few clever tricks and some obsessive crafting to produce one of the most elegant lightbulbs we’ve ever seen. At its center is an LED spotlight, and the brass-plated aluminum housing focuses the equivalent of 60W directly below the bulb. But the genius of the design is the way the housing’s facets direct gentle light in all directions. It can simultaneously deliver both practical and mood lighting, and because it’s LED, the $170 bulb burns at just 6.5W, and will last for 10,000 hours.

While Norcross and the Hulger designers are experts in the lighting arena, the Plumen 003 was a first for Giroux, who is a goldsmith by trade. Plumen tasked the jeweler with etching facets to deliver the perfect reflection off the brass. “The design, it’s kind of moving, it gives the light that dynamic element without being too harsh,” she says. She worked through many prototypes of cuts and curves until she landed on the design you see here, which produced the ideal degree of warmth.

Giroux says the pictures above, beautiful as they are, don’t do the bulb justice. “It looks even more precious when it is in front of you,” she said. “You can really locate all the facets when it’s turned on. It’s really captivating. The preciousness is even stronger.”

There is a long history of refinement in the design of lighting fixtures, but the new Plumen 003, which goes on sale in November, could mark the moment that high art enters the bulb, itself.


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